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About Canterbury:



Our Motto: 


qui non est hodie, cras minus aptus erit


"the one who is not prepared today will be less prepared tomorrow"


The Canterbury University of today traces its history to the formation of The Canterbury College of Business Studies founded in England in 1974. It offered correspondence courses as a Private Degree Granting Body. When the law changed in England in 1988 regarding British Private Degree Granting Bodies, Canterbury College took the opportunity to internationalise its structure and programs and to acquire full 'University Status'.

Canterbury University has maintained its 'University Status' since then. After winning a crushing legal victory concerning the legality of its degrees in Florida in August 2009, Canterbury University was acquired by an international consortium of private colleges. In keeping with the international nature and requirements of the consortium the reliance on a single jurisdiction (The Republic of the Seychelles) for its legal existence was discontinued in January 2010 in favour of a framework of transnational and international incorporations, agreements and Trusts.

This continues to ensure a fully legal existence as a private degree granting institution but emphasises its international nature.


Canterbury University degree programmes are fully compliant width all relevant international and transnational legislation, UK legislation (where it maintained the Office of the Registrar until instituting an upgrade which allowed degrees to be verified in real time through this website) and the norms outlined by the International Standards Organisation in EN ISO Model Standard 9001 of July 1994. Canterbury University has full legally established rights to the trade dress and nomenclature "Canterbury University" including intellectual property and copyrights established in that trade dress and nomenclature. It is independent of and un-associated with any other degree granting institutions around the world (of which there are several) that also happen to have "Canterbury" in their own trade dress or nomenclature.

Those interested in finding out more about Canterbury University, its degrees, innovative approaches to graduation, accreditation status and its Graduates, please visit Explicatus.

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